The Stork Club

Lincoln Medical Education Partnership has a great incentive program for expecting women and new moms! 

This program is called “The Stork Club.” This program is geared towards encouraging women to seek the prenatal care necessary to have a healthy, happy baby and healthy, happy pregnancy.

This program encourages pregnant women to attend their prenatal appointments, get their glucose testing done, receive their Tdap and flu shots, complete parenting education, attend well-child checks after the child’s birth, utilize their resources (WIC, SNAP, diaper resources, food banks, etc.) along with utilizing the incentive program offered through Aetna Better Health and United Healthcare.  Women can earn "Stork Bucks" for completing any of the previously listed items.  The Stork Bucks can be used in our baby boutique called “The Stork Nest” to buy items such as onesies, toys, books, baby-bathers, blankets, layettes, hats, diapers, wipes, car seat covers, pacifiers, high chairs, toys, etc.   All pregnant women are eligible for the program regardless of insurance.  

Items in The Stork Nest range in price from 10 Stork Bucks to 200 Stork Bucks with the majority of the items costing 20-50 Stork Bucks.  If an individual is doing the bare-minimum (attending prenatal appointments, getting her glucose testing done, and filling out the necessary paperwork to be part of The Stork Club) then she will earn approximately 300 Stork Bucks which equates to roughly $50-$70 worth of merchandise.  There is no limit on how many Stork Bucks an individual can earn!

There is also a case management component to the program where the Patient Advocate meets with the women when they come in for their appointments. This may include assist with resources such as locating diaper depots, finding baby and maternity clothes, managing stress, finding childcare, searching for employment, finding mental health services, locating parenting classes, signing up for WIC/Medicaid/Title 20/etc., locating stable housing, setting up transportation, nutrition, and infant care.